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So I know I've been posting so much depressing posts lately but I got to say I've become a lot happier now. I'm sorry I haven't really updated in a long time.

I've been making a lot of new friends and there have been up and downs but the ups are nice! I've been reading again and it makes me so warm inside to be adventuring in the world of stories! I have people to hang out in school at the dorms now too so I'm not so lonely and I love my roommate! She's so awesome!

School has been nice. It's not that stressful even though I nap a lot. I'm not taking any fashion classes now but some of my General Education classes. I have a couple of more years to go still to get my degree in Fashion Design but I like my major now. So much to do so much to do!

SO I was such an introvert at cons since so awkwardly shy but lately I've been making friends! I'm not as shy but there are still those bouts of shyness where I want to run away. I'm enjoying cons again and the people I've met are so amazing and I can't wait to meet them again!

I'm happy my shyness and fear of people is diminishing down and I hope there will be a day when I can be less awkward even though I know not possible. FOREVER AN AWKWARD KOALA!

So I went to Yaoi con for the first time this year! I had fun. Hug out with some of my new college friends from my school's anime club. It
was entertaining. I got to see my Papachi perform at the Bishounen Auction I was so traumatized but I was laughing and tears were burning my eyes.

Pacific Media Expo this year was very laid back for me. I didn't have time to make anything but I got to put some things together and got to see some old friends! Some Norcal friends came down and it was awesome. It was really relaxed and nice. Did so much Karaoke.

I had one photoshoot with :iconspooky-epiic: during winter break and I got to see the red carpet premiere for Rurouni Kenshin in LA. OMG I was so happy and enjoyed it immensely. Loved the movie and everything!!!! Sorry for the Morgiana Spam but I love her so much as a character and she's so cute! I hope to do her other outfits soon but my plate of cosplays is full!
I also did a practice shoot with a friend at my house. I was just being a dork. XD

Anime Los Angeles came and I was not able to make anything new at all. My family moved two weeks before ALA and so stressful at home. I couldn't work on anything the week, we were done moving. There was some problems but it was good. ALA was a nice break from all the stress. Got to hang out with people and ALA was mostly a blur. I can't remember much at all.

I like the new house even though my room isn't ready yet. I'll be living in the garage but it will be like I'm living a lone since it's unattached but close to house. One of my neighbors has a rooster and it sounds weird. When my brother first heard it, he thought it was a child crying. Cats meet in our backyard and it's so amusing to watch my brother go feed them.
*Oh I almost forgot I made a cosplay page on Facebook! I'll be posting WIP and photos! Here's the link: . Thank you for all the support!

So yea I've updated everyone about my life so far and now...*drumming* MY EVENT AND COSPLAY LIST!

Sakura gathering: Satoru (Shin Sekai Yori) with a group
Anime Conji:[Saturday] Alibaba default (Magi: Labyrinth of Magic) I'll be borrowing somethings from :iconryoastar:
Fanime: Haven't chosen days when to be worn. Still need to organize with groups.
   -Matin (Epic of Zektbach)
   -Ling Yuezhang (Chinese Vocaloid)
   -Ferio(Magic Knights RayEarth)
   -Mogurin(Final Fantasy: Type-0)
   -Estellise (Tales of Vesperia)
   -Yui (Sword Art Online) :iconyunaura: who is my Asuna/mama will be making for me. :)
   -Albafica(Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas) this is a maybe since not sure if I will finish in time.
Anime Expo: Haven't chosen days when to be worn. Still need to organize with groups.
   -Videl (Dragonball Z)
   -Albafica (Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas)
   -Yamuraiha (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)
   -Kirari Anataboshi (Kirarin Revolution)
   -Teito/Eye of Mikhail (07-Ghost)
All group cosplays. I don't like cosplaying alone since not as fun. I"m so excited to cosplay with all my groups. SO EXCITED!!! So much to work on but wish me luck! Thank you for reading all these jumble of words.
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